IXXI - Blossoms|Rijksmuseum (double sided) - 80 x 100

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Two in one! With this double-sided IXXI, you get the best-selling ‘Almond blossom’ by famous painter Van Gogh and the ‘Tits on Cherry Branch’ by Ohara Koson in one go. Change style in no time, just turn the IXXI around to enjoy a completely new look in your interior.

IXXI is a fresh, innovative way to display works of art in any room. The Dutch-designed system, made up of individual squares and connectors, is supplied in a compact box with assembly tools. The possibilities are endless with IXXI - hang on the wall or use as a room divider by sliding onto a standard curtain rail.

Made in the Netherlands, IXXI cards are 0.33 mm thick and are made of the high-quality synthetic material Synaps, produced by Agfa. Synaps is waterproof, doesn’t tear and is UV resistant. The cards can be cleaned by using a damp soft cloth.

In the box:

  • Cards (artwork)
  • Connectors in white - enough to hang your artwork
  • Hanging strip
  • TESA powerstrips
  • Drawing pins
  • Click stick (locks in Connectors)
  • Manual
  • Material: 300gsm Synaps Paper with matt finish, ABS Plastic (connectors)

Individual Card Size: 20cm x 20cm