Wilson & Dorset - Double Length Sheepskin - Black Peak

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Extra Long Wool is our most luxurious pile length, making for a true interior statement. This range is a celebration of the innate characteristics of wool in its purest form - preserving the natural curl and growth of each sheepskin. The pile length can vary between 60-80mm, depending on the natural growth of the fleece. Plush and silky to touch, these rugs are ideal for spaces needing texture, warmth, or an extra layer of interest. Whether you love a minimal aesthetic or take a “more is more” approach to your interior scheme, an Extra Long Wool sheepskin will settle effortlessly into your space.

Double Sheepskin Rug – 2 x individual sheepskin pelts expertly handsewn together (180 x 60cm)

Recommended use:
- Chair
- Couch
- Bench seat
- Daybed
- Bed throw
- Bedroom floor rug

Sheepskins are created by Mother Nature and she designed well. Highly durable, they repel dirt and moisture so are perfect to be used every day and everywhere in the home.