Wilson & Dorset Sheepskin Seat Cover - Square - Mt Gold

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Sheepskin Seat Covers are highly durable and versatile pieces, made from hand-selected premium New Zealand skins. Our Seat covers are all backed with 100% cow hide suede and finished with a folded suede edging, making them non slip and durable. Ideal for use on just about any type of seat whether it be a dining chair, bench seat, barstool or car seat.

Square 35x 35cm

Recommended use:
- Barstool
- Dining chair
- Bench seat
- Office chair
- Car seat
- Wheelchair

Extra Long Wool is our most luxurious pile length, making for a true interior statement. This range is a celebration of the innate characteristics of wool in its purest form - preserving the natural curl and growth of each sheepskin. The pile length can vary between 60-80mm, depending on the natural growth of the fleece. Plush and silky to touch, these Seat Covers are ideal for spaces needing texture, warmth, or an extra layer of interest. Whether you love a minimal aesthetic or take a “more is more” approach to your interior scheme, an Extra Long Wool Seat Cover will settle effortlessly into your space.

We have created colour ways that come in a range of delicate yet lustrous hues, designed to rest easily within any existing colour palette.

At Wilson & Dorset we select premium quality sheepskins grown in New Zealand. We love working with this quality, natural material. Every sheepskin has its own wonderfully unique texture and tone. As with any natural product, there may be variation from the product viewed online and the one you receive.

We choose ethically sourced sheepskin and take enormous care to avoid the use of harsh chemicals, keeping our sheepskin as safe and natural as possible. We are continually improving our production methods to save energy, decrease waste and reduce our environmental impact.